About Us

About Us

Established in 1997 by Can Safak Uzsoy in Izmir, our firm took its current name, Uz Kimya, by advancing towards institutionalization in 2003. Since the very beginning, without compromising our quality policy, we have supplied important raw materials such as paint, construction materials, plastic, masterbatch, rubber, composites, and cosmetic chemicals.
In addition to quickly developing well-known brands, our company, which has concentrated on imports since 2011, also began serving as the Turkish distributors for well-known international businesses. Our company, which collaborates with global leaders in the chemical industry’s raw material sector, has quickly risen to the top of the industry and offers distributorship services in the Aegean Region.
Our market share and trade volume are growing daily, and we make a significant part of our investments into R&D projects. One of the best instances of this is the extensive paint quality control laboratory and pigment mixing facilities we have created. Since 2014, we have been analyzing significant inorganic special pigments thanks to these facilities, including chrome yellow, molybdate orange, and anti-corrosive pigments.

Quality Policy

Our knowledgeable staff supplies products in accordance with all legal and international standards, as per our quality policy. We strive to offer complete traceability for every transaction we conduct. With the assistance of our expert team and international collaborators, we offer high-quality supplies as well as an organized and safe working environment. By closely monitoring the needs and expectations of our clients, we consistently carry out an effective communication process. We also build strong relationships with the suppliers we work with. We have elevated our position among the top businesses in the industry with our products by making the most effective use of the resources we do have. We keep up our high standards of work without pausing in order to preserve its existence and advance it.
Our vision is to become one of the most recognizable brands in the industry in Turkey by providing our clients with a world-class supply portfolio, helping them find innovative solutions, and continuously expanding our range of raw material products. By determining the appropriate demands through our R&D investigations, which we conduct continuously, we strive to address these needs in the most efficient manner possible. We keep working to be the first company that comes to mind when it comes to chemical raw materials. Together with our expert team working within our structure, we are working to reach our goals by moving forward with each passing day.
Our mission at Uz Kimya is to provide raw materials in the most effective manner possible, to consistently assure client satisfaction, and to uphold our commitment to quality. We work with our pre-sales and after-sales support staff during the supplies we conduct with our expert team to always offer reliable support to our clients. Our company, which offers distributorship services in the Aegean Region, aims to rank among the top companies in the industry. We sought to make bold moves from the past to the present in order to supply our products in accordance with international quality standards to more clients.

"Quality Is In Our Chemistry"

Company History

1997 - Establishment
Uz Kimya was established in 1997 by Can Safak Uzsoy as a sole proprietorship in Izmir.
2011 - Import
The company, which has concentrated on imports since 2011, quickly established well-known brands and also began serving as the Turkish distributors of well-known international companies.
2003 - Institutionalization
In 2003, the company became institutionalized and acquired the name Uz Kimya.
2014 - R&D
Thanks to the established comprehensive paint quality control laboratory and pigment mixing facility, the production of important inorganic special pigments such as chrome yellow, molybdate orange, and anti-corrosive pigments started in 2014.
1997 - Kuruluş
Uz Kimya 1997 yılında Can Şafak UZSOY tarafından İzmir’de şahıs firması olarak kurulmuştur.
2003 - Kurumsallaşma
Şirket; 2003 yılında kurumsallaşarak, UZ KİMYA adını almıştır.
2011 - İthalat
2011 yılından itibaren ithalata ağırlık veren firma, kısa süre içersinde bilinen markalar yaratmış, ayrıca yurtdışında köklü firmaların Türkiye distribütölüklerini yapmaya başlamıştır.
2014 - AR-GE
Kurulan kapsamlı boya kalite kontrol laboratuvar ve pigment karışım tesisi sayesinde, 2014 yılından itibaren krom sarı, molibdat oranj ve anti korozif pigmentler gibi önemli inorganik özel pigmentlerin üretimine başlanmıştır.